February programs for senior wisdom

way-of-wisdom-the_t_nvFebruary is a bonanza month for programs intended to help us plan and prepare for a good old age Woodrow Wilson once said, “Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.” What happened to the older is wiser theory? When I was young my father defined wisdom as the combination of experience, knowledge and good judgment. I am sure he was hoping that I would latch on to wisdom at some point in my adulthood. Parents may have warned us, and teachers may have lectured us, but most of the time it took the school of hard knocks to teach us life lessons in our growing up years. It’s been my experience, though, that one of the advantages of getting older is that we have a greater willingness to learn from the experience of others. I think that’s why I see so many seniors at local programs. The road to a long, healthy and happy life has been less traveled, and many of us are searching for that right path. February is a bonanza month for programs...

Life skills for positive aging

life-skills-2jpegEver wonder what those hundred year-olds featured on the Smuckers’ segment of the Today Show, may have done right? In particular, what abilities might they possess, that allow them to live over a century, while still enjoying life? Since the world we live in has changed dramatically for a person who is a hundred years-old today, chances are, the skills they used to reach their long life were probably learned at an early age. Scientists have been studying the traits of centenarians for a number of years now, trying to determine the skills that have provided them the ammunition for successful aging. Here are three life skills that according to scientists play a significant role in a long happy life. Resilience: Some people have more troubles and disappointments than most, but still manage to overcome their setbacks and achieve a good life. Those people who are resilient handle stress well and get more energetic and optimistic when the chips are down. Resilient people are...


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