Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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Life Planning
What is Life Planning?
Life Planning originated in the early 1990's rooted in early psychological theories of the healthy personality (individuals who are well and whole) - assisting them in living their life more fully and “on purpose”. * 
It is founded in the belief that:
  • Each person develops a unique life-approach which shapes their goals, values, habits and personal drives. 
  • Each person is the creator of his or her life.
  • That visioning and a future-orientation are the keys to achieving one’s human potential and the outcomes they seek.
  • Behavior change through increased awareness and choices allows one to reach their goals as well as generate solutions to current problems.
  • Personal development focuses on taking action and responsibility for one’s life choices.
How is Rethinking Your Future™ Different?
Today’s Boomer generation has the benefit of living longer than any generation before them. But paradigms are shifting and we can no longer age the way our parents have – the notion of work, retirement, meaning and purpose, financial security, housing, healthcare, and a volatile global economy create a very complex road to travel. 
Now more than ever, we are responsible for our own future. Just as people take classes to prepare for other major life changes, whether its job advancement or first-time parenthood, preparing for the rest-of-life provides an edge in reaching one’s goals and setting yourself up for success.     
Rethinking Your Future™ offers a breakthrough process and valuable information, developing the road map to your desired future in a very practical way through online assessments, group workshops and individual coaching.
*Patrick Williams, The History and Evolution of Life Coaching